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Occupation Writer
Location California, United States
Introduction I've begun to write a book and thought it would be cool to chronicle my experiences, since this is the first time I've ever tried to write a complete novel. I won't say alot about the book on here, because of plagiarism and how that seems to be getting out of control lately. But, I'll give some hints about it along the way. Mostly I just wanted to write about the craft, about my journey and how I am going about this project. So, some days I may write about books I'm reading, the genre I'm writing about, the research (there's alot of it!) I need to do and what I'm learning from every angle in this experiment. I hope you'll enjoy reading. Please do leave a comment when you read, even if it's only to say hello. Please do not leave ads about anything unrelated to writing as I'll just delete them. Enjoy!
Interests The Sims, Surfing the Net, Chatting online, Writing, Joan of Arc, Spies & Espionage, Politics, MSF or Doctors Without Borders, my Family, mystery movies and books, fave Celebs are Angelina Jolie and
Favorite Movies Kundun; Seven Years in Tibet; Tomb Raider Series; The Matrix Trilogy; Lost in Translation; Out of Africa; Fifth Element; Any Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves movies; A Knight's Tale; Joe Vs. the Volcano; La Femme Nikita; Without Borders.
Favorite Music Lenny Kravitz, U2, Queen, Led Zeppelin; REM; Stevie Wonder; The Beatles; The Black Eyed Peas and much more. I love music!
Favorite Books "An Open Heart" by the Dalai Lama; "Peace is Every Step..." by Thich Nhat Han; All of the "Guerrilla" books series; Anything by Dale Carnegie or Norman Vincent Peale; all of the Louisa May Alcott books; Anything written by Suzanne Brockmann, CS Lewis, Agatha Christie, Janet Oke, Helen McInnes, and so many others it's hard to list. My favourite genres are Suspense, Mystery, Romance (not erotica tho, ack!), and anything to do with either the military, especially Navy SEALS, and espionage both past and present.

Paper or briefs?

Briefs. lol!