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Introduction Dr. Richard P. Feynman was perhaps the most brilliant scientist of the 20th century (including Einstein) and a brilliant storyteller and speaker who had a slightly conservative worldview. Ann Coulter is perhaps the most outspoken woman of the 21st century, known for her quick wit and invective style almost as much as her extremely conservative worldview. She is also rather good looking, and apparently quite intelligent in her own right. Therefore, it seems natural to consider myself the love child of the two (who I believe never met), despite my strong resemblance to both of my actual parents. I too am a brilliant scientist, a quick-witted conservative extremist, a good storyteller, and a lover of women booze and food.
Interests Alberta Independence
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Favorite Books Hunt for Red October, Lord of the Rings

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

A wet sock is the best, because if the airplane fails you can always wear it.