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Location Minneapolis, MN, United States
Introduction I started writing online in July of 2003, mostly because my favorite person I've ever known (and best friend throughout high school) found a way to get in touch with me and had started what we referred to as an "online diary" because she was in the midst of law school. Coincidentally I had just given a baby up in an open adoption, and had been extremely removed from the world during the pregnancy, and was looking for a way to assimilate answering questions as simple as "how've you been?". Although I was (and still am) really happy with the adoption decision, it seemed like not talking about it at all was wrong, but talking about it was bizarre and awkward to say the least. But writing about everything seemed natural. Bad Luck on Tap is the reposting of my archives from Diaryland that cover the post-adoption story, and Schmatte? (like what'sthematter?)is my new sewing blog.
Interests Stories told through writing, images, comics, music, or fashion. I love the classic, the retro, the corny, and the kitsch. I've been sewing voraciously since I was 20. Initially I was self-taught, learning most of what I knew from following patterns, and then at 27 I went to the Apparel Design and Manufacturing program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Once I left school and was working I found less time to design and sew (and clean up after sewing) so I'm just starting to renew my passion.

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

Wha? The mountains smell like BURRO!