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Introduction I began living life in a relationship with God through Jesus with the Holy Spirit's power, when I was a pre-schooler, 4 or 5 maybe. My parents are awesome people and have been a huge shaping force in my life. After a few years of public school, which were great, we started homeschooling and it went so well that I graduated from highschool / homeschool. I was really blessed to have such a healthy family and friends around me.
Interests I went to college at Grace University and Clarkson College. While there, I met my husband, Andy Petersen, and fell in love. (Awwww). So after we dated 6 months, he went to Asia to study abroad for 6 months. Then he came back. Then after another 6 months, I went and studied in Kenya for 6 months. Then we got engaged and married July 25th, 2004. I graduated in 2006, and started my job as a registered nurse in February 2007. I love being an RN. It fits so great with my enjoyment of helping others and giving compassion to those who are suffering. I know God made me for it. On halloween 2008, our daughter, AnnaSophia was born. Being married and a mother has changed my life and perspective. It has made me grow more spiritually and emotionally and philosophically as a person. In May of 2010, Andy graduated from Grace University. Woohoo! We waited and worked a long hard time for this. I am so proud of him. In 2011 our second daughter, Rachelle, was born and AnnaSophia became a big sister. We work for Student Venture and want to see high school students take initiative in their relationships with God. We are not here to babysit kids spiritually, but equip and motivate them to journey on their own with God.
Favorite Movies Romeo and Juliet (1996), Anne of Green Gables, Nacho Libre, Napolean Dynamite, Les Miserables, P.S. I Love You
Favorite Music Superchick, Audio Adenaline, From Dust, Skillet
Favorite Books Les Miserables, The Sacred Romance, The Moonstone, Harry Potter