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Industry Chemicals
Occupation Owner
Location Peoria, Illinois, United States
Introduction Not ready for this yet.
Interests How things are Made, Carefree moments in my favorite places, Suffering and Survival, Why, Uses of Snootches, Self-Control, Unspeakable acts of cruelness or the exceedingly gifted in abilities or awareness... and their origins...nature versus nurture. The Human Condition.
Favorite Movies See Books
Favorite Music Changes with time of day, my mood, my location and the people I'm with. And what I'm drinking at the moment.
Favorite Books I just get frustrated trying to answer this. I'd need to break it down into categories. C'mon, How can you have the same favorite books two days in a row?

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Flexibility, and I don't want to expand on that.