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Occupation Home Cook
Location CA, United States
Introduction Hi there! I hope the simple recipes and cooking techniques in my blog inspire you to appreciate every aspect of cooking. The recipes in this blog are mainly Chinese and Vietnamese although occasionally I will include other ethnic recipes much to the credit of my dear friends and peers. In Chinese cooking, the principal of Yin and Yang is applied in selecting the ingredients and cooking methods of a dish and the dishes of a meal. Foods are cooked according to the seasons, climatic conditions, and physical well-beings of the diners. My parents and mom-in-law have taught me this art and practice, which I have to admit, is complex yet invaluable. They taught me to cook intuitively using my senses of taste and smells to guide me; how to use the various cooking methods of steaming, frying, and the importance of heat temperatures. One last note, there is no trick food photography to photograph and showcase the dishes in my blog. There's no special lighting, props, or enhancement techniques used to produce a stunning picture. All my pictures are taken as-is. I hope to share with you honest-to-goodness home recipes that are wholesome and simple. Thanks for visiting!
Interests Gardening and cooking
Favorite Books All cooking books