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Location Detroit, Michigan, United States
Introduction I'm weird. There's no way around it. Quirky might be a better descriptor. Conformity for the sake of conformity, it's way over-rated. So I say: don't be afraid to be YOURSELF! :) I'm a girl, a MOM, who's questioning our societal Mom norms, and why we're expected live our lives and parent in a particular way. I think the big secret is that there are many many many ways to be in this world. If I can empower just one woman who is interested in breaking out of the typical "Mommy mould", to take that step, then all this plucking away at the keyboard will be SO worth it!
Interests Introversion! Non-fiction. Slow and simple living. ADHD. Only children. Quantum Physics. Snowboarding. Psychology. Sloths. Anxiety. Volunteerism. Woody Allen. Therapy. The seasons. Manual transmissions. Bird watching. Crocheting. Gray hair. Free Thinkers. Secularism. NPR.
Favorite Movies Documentaries, documentaries, documentaries. Woody Allen. French, Israeli and Japanese cinema. Annie Hall <3
Favorite Music The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Radical Face, The Beatles, Tribe Called Quest, Fiest, Jeff Mills, etc...
Favorite Books Rhythm of the Family, Letter to a Christian Nation, What the Bleep Do We Know; Down the Rabbit Hole. The Secret Life of Plants. Non-fiction, I love you!

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?