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Introduction I am a forty-something wife and mother living in the American Midwest. My interests include reading, writing, drawing, dancing, history, entertaining, and home-keeping. I'm learning to sew a little, too. With so much to interest, I have difficulty settling long into anything, but my attention span does allow me enough time to write poems. Way back when I was in college, I read The Temple by George Herbert and was greatly influenced by his poems and also by a few lines by Izaak Walton from his Life of Mr. George Herbert, which read, "Why are not sonnets made of Thee, and lays/ Upon Thine altar burnt?" While not all the poems I write are about God (some of them are), they all come from this wonderful life He has given me and feel to me like gifts from Him. Of course, I cannot hope to rival or even approach the beauty of Mr. Herbert's work. Nevertheless, I offer what I do have, a few more lays, however homely, for His altar.