About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Retail Worker
Location Strood, Kent, United Kingdom
Introduction If this works, than I have more on here than with my myspace, which won't allow my to save. I'm still trying to figure my self out. I have decided I like music which stands out. And I like to go to gigs in London to listen to it live. Beyond this, I am uncertain.
Interests Music listening, music listening at gigs, music magpieism (seeking out rare items of the music I'm in to and getting signed for sentimental purposes), buying things from farmers markets, Bulgaria, military history
Favorite Movies Good Sci Fi, intelligent horror, smart thrillers, well made fantasy and accurate historicals.
Favorite Music Time for name dropping. Polly Scattergood, Theoretical Girl, Kym Brown, 6 Day Riot, Bird Eats Baby, The Woe Betides, The Howling Bells, Ladyhawke, Dream Tribes, Le Plat du Jour, to name but a few.
Favorite Books Any thing by Terry Pratchett, Dan Abnett, Greham McNiel

Who am I beneath it all?