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Gender MALE
Industry Fashion
Occupation Beepner
Location Sneverly Bills, Pumpkin Point, Antarctica
Links Audio Clip, Wishlist
Introduction Mount Dora's most perfect (s)export: A sainted sciconoslastic beepster, born from the freak Florida snow, tempered through 10,000 perfumes and electrosplash soundscapes, who creates magic in his dazzle collider in a pumpkin-shaped igloo somewhere in the vicinity of Norwegenmark (Trailer Park)
Interests recording stuff, playing with my voice, playing with other bits, watching House, making metaphors containing the word abortion, daydreaming different hair colors, being intense, sitting around, gallavanting, appreciating orange, making the sex without touching, inventing neologisms, other gisms, orgasmology, frottage, crowns, mythmaking, green poo, listmaking, avoiding nausea, polyamory
Favorite Movies Wild Strawberries, Scary Movie 3, Showgirls, Dangerous Liaisons, Let Me Die A Woman, Basic Instinct
Favorite Music Dead Palestinian Girl, Electric Tampon, Yoko Warhol, pu$$ybox, Detonating Gish, Ravelon, Staten Guyland, Oprah Streisand
Favorite Books Against Love: A Polemic, The Botany of Desire, More Now Again, The Alchemy of Love and Lust

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Forks are simply a different gender from spoons. Forks and spoons mated and created sporks.