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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Organic Chemist
Location California, United States
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Introduction Organic chemist, Mensan. High autist, polymath, curmudgeon, elitist. Gardener, cat owner. Mediocrity is a vice of the doomed.
Interests Shoving it back in Enviro-whiners' and social advocates' faces. Organic chemistry; chiral symmetry properties of gravitation. My woman.
Favorite Movies The President's Analyst, Forbidden Planet, Dark Star, the first Thomas Crown Affair. Spiderman, XXX, 300, Chicago. Schwarzenegger except Kindergarten Cop.
Favorite Music Classical, Baroque; 1960s and 70s.
Favorite Books The Foundation Trilogy, the Stainless Steel Rat; the Dune Trilogy. Anything by Robert Heinlein or PJ O'Rourke. Richard Feynman apochrypha. The Bell Curve.