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Introduction In my spare time I carry out research relating to the role of the Royal Naval Patrol Service during WW2. The RNPS fought all over the world in all theatres of the war involved in the dangerous job of minesweeping and anti-submarine work. RNPS vessels were on duty from the Arctic to the Far East but more importantly they carried out the job of keeping our shores clear of mines that were wreaking havoc with our merchant ships that had to supply our life-line. With out-dated and poorly armed vessels such as requisitioned trawlers, often being crewed by ex-fishermen, the RNPS became 'a Navy within a Navy' and given a number of unofficial titles to poke fun, 'Harry Tate's Navy' and 'Churchill's Pirates' being two of the more memorable. These names were taken on and used like a badge of pride. Towards the end of the war most RNPS personel were 'hostilities only' often having no prior connection with the sea before joining up. I have created a web dedicated to the memory of my father and the RNPS at