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Industry Law
Occupation Justice Wrangler
Location Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Introduction I'm your basic 30-ish (Dear Lord, how did THAT happen?!?!) girl of the world. I'm a civil rights and employment attorney by day, helping those who aren't in the position to do so themselves. It is both a very rewarding and, at times, a very frustrating job but I can't imagine not doing it. It is also one of the more entertaining jobs that I have ever had--the events of real life can be mind boggling! I have the best family a girl could ask for and have somehow managed to score some of the coolest and most loyal friends on the planet. After dating every psycho in a four state radius over the past few years, I finally found my other half (a very smart, caring, thoughtful and totally sexy bladesmith who is like the best cook EVER) and just count my blessings every day! Matt and I are owned by Lola the WonderCorgi, Oscar the fat cat, and the very originally named, TomCat. When I'm not out fighting in justice, walking the dogs, or curled up with Matt you can find me shopping (shoes...my weakness), hanging out with friends, or working on my latest "project" around the house.
Interests I have more interests than hours in a day...which probably explains the "just started and never quite finished" oil painting on the easel which is sitting in my sewing room where the sewing machine has been pushed to the outer edges of the sewing table which is now covered with CDs (ranging from Bigger Booty Hits I and II to BB King to Danzig) for mixing and downloading in the Mac so we can have a cool Halloween party groove for the yearly costume extravaganza, while my stereo has moved to the floor in the dining room because I had to make room to be able to lay out all of the quilting templates for that new applique piece I'm working on that is "in-progress" every other night or so while I sit on the couch watching trashy t.v.; that is, when I'm not out with friends, shopping, or finding new local culinary gems with Matt. Of course, I could pick up the stitchery when I get home, but I'm usually pretty faithful to the whole nightly bubble bath ritual and "hour of book reading" before bed thing in an eternal effort to catch up with my "to be read" pile; and then there is the puppy-walking-training hour, too. And if I don't quite get in all the puppy-walking during the week we make up for it on the weekends with a trip to the outdoor market or some hikes, and if the seasons are changing then this usally includes some photo taking, as well...after I make the orange/cranberry or chocolate/almond biscottis for the next week. Matt does 99% of the actual "cooking" in the house, but I am the baker on duty! Oh, and I work like a daily jobby-job, too. So, yah...I have a couple things going on...including an on again, off again love-hate relationship with the treadmill.
Favorite Movies There are so many....Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, Pillow Talk, Lost Boys, Breakfast Club, What Lies Beneath, Halloween, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Love Actually, Swingers (you are so money, and you don't even KNOW it!), and like anything with John Cusack. I have a slight Cusack addiction...
Favorite Music I am all over the place when it comes to music. I love 80's hair metal (my last concert was Poison with Sebastian Bach opening); old blues; anything with a steel guitar; some 80's country; and current stuff, too. I mean, my workout mix is usually something like this...The Cult, Jo Dee Mesina, John Mellencamp, Danzig, Kenny Wayne Shephard, 70's disco, Allman Brothers, Destiny's Child, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Aerosmith, Audioslave, Lenny Kravitz, and a mix of Bigger Booty Hits I and II. Yah, I know...
Favorite Books Anything by Christopher Moore, but Lamb is my all time favorite. Also, pretty much anything by Margaret Atwood or Neil Gaiman. Plus, all the little trashy vampire/werewolf/witch/demon paperbacks I am addicted to.

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

My usual slide into an "end-of-performance" bow and then a brief curtsy (all while not spilling my beer, of course)