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Location Hancock, New York, United States
Introduction I'm 65 - yes I am legally old - years going on twelve or sometimes 6, it depends on the day. Then again, sometimes I feel like I'm 110. I'm agoraphobic, permanently disabled. I live an odd life, but a relatively happy one. I have two cats. Angel - who is as sweet as an angel and as naughty as a devil, and Tara Grace who is sweet and gentle with the voice of a long shoreman and who sneezes a lot.
Interests Writing, reading, music, reiki, people, psychology, cats, animals, rocks, movies
Favorite Movies Babette's Feast, Shawshank Redemption, A Passage to India, Dead Poets Society, SICKO
Favorite Music classical, folk, new age, native flute music (esp. Saggio, R. Carlos Nakai, & Coyote Oldman)
Favorite Books Harry Potter books, Jane Austin, the Jeeves books, White Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, The Urban Shaman, Seth Speaks, Immanuel's Book, Human Options, lots and lots of things.