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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Paraprofessional/Teacher's Aid
Location The Great Midwest, Michigan, United States
Introduction I practice living history with friends and family and portray citizens during the era of the American Revolution (1770s) and Civil War (1860s). "If you could build up any muscle to be a historian, I'd say it's the empathy muscle. Go out and do empathy exercises; put yourself in their place." David McCullough (1933 - 2022 historian and historical author)~ "We are tellers of stories, we history folks. Our decorative and utilitarian objects are not merely things, but clues to tales of our past as a country. We don't just purchase a lantern; we investigate how it was used and the significance of the pattern of the piercing of the tin. All of the looking back is also a looking forward as friends and families grow closer just as they would have in early America. Make the right historical environment and let the situations and camaraderie unfold." Tess Rosch - Publisher Early American Life Magazine
Interests American History, mainly from about 1760 to 1870, Social History, World History, Living History, Reenacting, Antiques, Reading, Music, Writing, genealogy, family history, Museums, Greenfield Village, Christian religion.
Favorite Movies April Morning, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, Braveheart, John Adams, Back To the Future series, American Graffiti, A Christmas Carol, A More Perfect Union, The Patriot, National Treasure, Angels With Dirty Faces, Our Gang Comedies, Three Stooges, Wizard of Oz, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Singing in the Rain
Favorite Music The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stephen Foster, Hank Williams Sr., Glenn Miller, Linda Russell, Christmas Music, Emmylou Harris, '50's and '60's oldies, Big Band, Period Music, Ricky Skaggs, early Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, Aerosmith..., Bluegrass, Hillbilly, psychedelic, punk rock, new wave, classic rock, classical lite
Favorite Books History Books covering many past topics. Too numerous to count.

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