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Introduction There are many sides to me. There's the Mom that climbs all over the playground with my kids. The Cowboys fan who jumps to her feet and yells at the tv. The baker who can whip up muffins in no time. The photographer who's always snapping away. The dancer who twirls around the living room. The singer who's too shy to let anyone hear. The suburban housewife with deep and wild country girl roots. The writer with dreams of grandeur and a spot on the Bestseller list. I'm just me.
Interests My kids, photography, writing, cooking, baking, music, football, reading, crocheting, dancing.
Favorite Movies Grease, Dirty Dancing, Bad Boys 1 & 2, A Nightmare on Elm St, Twilight series... a lot of others. I'm easy to please but I don't usually care much for chick flicks or sci fi. I love horror movies.
Favorite Music I like so many different things that my Pandora suspects I'm schizo. Some of my favorites are Daughtry, Backstreet Boys, Amr Diab, Eminem, NKOTB, Brad Paisley, Theory of a Deadman, Kelly Pickler, Pink, Cavo, Carrie Underwood, Rhianna and a lot more.
Favorite Books Mother of the Believers by Kamran Pasha. And anything by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts or Rita Mae Brown. And I admit it, I'm a Twilight fan.

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

There was a bald frog named Jig who loved his new purple wig. His friends thought he was silly, and asked 'What the dilly?' But Jig gave them no notice as he perched on a lotus. He gave them his back side and ate a few black flies who happened to perch on Jig's wig.