Bruce A. Pokras

About me

Location United States
Introduction BS/Chem. (1974), MS/Chem. (1979), JD (1986). I worked in private practice with Morgan & Finnegan for four years. Joined Hoffmann-La Roche in 1990. Moved to Pharmacia & Upjohn in 1998, which later became just Pharmacia. Pfizer acquired Pharmacia (and me) in 2003. I have now retired from Pfizer.

For over fifteen years between Pharmacia and Pfizer (until Pfizer went to a committee structure) I was the sole patent attorney responsible for all of Pharmacia's and Pfizer's patent listings in the Orange Book and for drafting our requests for Hatch-Waxman regulatory exclusivity. This included creating systems to assure that no potentially listable patents were ever overlooked.

In the Pfizer committee, I created and was responsible for updating a summary of the law and regulations for Orange Book listings and the regulatory exclusivities that are available in the U.S. I also created line-by-line instructions to be used by Pfizer’s product patent attorneys for completing the FDA’s patent submission forms, 3542a and 3542.

See me in my “I Love the Orange Book” t-shirt? That was a retirement present from my Pfizer colleagues in Groton, CN.