About me

Location NH
Introduction Passions? Cooking, photography, writing, solar design,incorporating arts into life,gardening!, esp. herbs,farm animals ( esp. CHICKENS) dogs, looking for that little cottage by the sea.......... Previously politically active, now just enjoying day by day.
Interests I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of stars makes me dream. Vincent Van Gogh
Favorite Movies Mostly Martha.Babette's Feast, Chocolat, Something to Talk About, Matt Damon, About a Boy, Babe, Shadowlands, Captain and Commander
Favorite Music Van, techno, drumming, classical, rock and roll
Favorite Books CS Lewis "Surprised by Joy", Bean Trees by B. Kingsolver, Appetite for Life (Julia Child), American Gods by Neil somebody, Michael Pollen - all of them

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

Uh, don't they have baskets?