About me

Industry Non-Profit
Occupation currently, blogging
Location Tulie-ville, U.S. Outlying Islands
Introduction I'm a soon to be published writer, (just as soon as I finish that novel . . . I know the literary community is on the edge of their seats, chewing their nails to a quick, waiting for me to tie things up, already(!)). I also read a lot, knit sometimes, rear my 4 year old, and work as an Office Administrator, which is not really work, except for the part where otherwise fully functional grown ups seem unable to tie their shoe without the assistance of the underpaid Office Administrator. That ends up being a WHOLE LOT like work. With a degree in history and all the coursework for my Master's (just couldn't seem to write that thesis ... ironic, that) I am, yes, somewhat underemployed. I'm doing it on purpose for the benefit of the publishing community. I can hear them audibly thanking me, even now.
Interests writing, reading, knitting, hiking, illustration
Favorite Movies I love most movies, and now that I have a kid, I love them even more, because I NEVER get to see one all the way through. sigh.
Favorite Music I love lots of different kinds of music as well. Right now I'm listening to Bjork, over and over and over again, obsessively, you might say.
Favorite Books I still love 'Notes from Underground', even though I'm not an angst-ridden teenager anymore, but twice two makes four is, indeed, just pure insolence.

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

chopsticks??? Look at that, there is such a thing as a stupid question.