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Gender Male
Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation Library Assistant
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Introduction I am a blogger, library assistant, historian and have been for a long time the editor-in-chief for a magazine about Japanese media and popular culture. I live in my little shell, my safe-house, observing the world from the middle of its mediatic web. Here I will comment and rant about everything but mostly about culture: anime & manga, cats & flowers, cinema & photography, history & science-fiction, Japan & technology, library & books, life & its many absurdities, etc. Beware: this blog WILL be bilingual! As for the usual disclaimer, this is my personal blog therefore the opinions expressed herein are mine only and do not necessarily represent those of my employers, associates, governments or any other people of this planet. All content © Clodjee, 2005-2017. Permission required before reproducing any parts, but you can link freely. [ version française ]
Interests Anime, Manga, Books, Science-Fiction, Bande Dessinée, old books, Cinema, Japanese movies, HK movies, sci-fi movies, History, Culture, Archaeology, Proto-History, Antiquity, Middle Age, Japan, Coins, Technology, Mac, gadgets, eBooks, News, Science, Politics, Economy, Arts, Travel, Geography, libraries, writing, reading, etc.
Favorite Movies Agora, Apocalypse Now, Ben Hur, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Chinese Ghost Story, Clockwork Orange, Cyrano de Bergerac, Dead Again, The English Patient, Excalibur, Fifth Element, From Hell, Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Monty Python: Quest for the Holy Grail, Ninth Gate, Princess Bride, Seven Samurai, Strange Days, etc.
Favorite Music Charles Aznavour, Baroque, Beatles, Jacques Brel, Leonard Cohen, Cranberries, Dead Can Dance, The Doors, Enigma, Enka, French Pop, Gregorian chants, Iron Maiden, J-pop, Jean-Michel Jarre, Keiko Matsui, Loreena McKennitt, Middle Eastern Traditionnal, REM, Rush, Smooth Jazz, etc.
Favorite Books Atrocity Archives, Beaudelaire, Enki Bilal, Calvin & Hobbes, Cerebus, The Club Dumas, Corto Maltese, Dune, Earthsea, Génie des Alpages, L'Incal, Lord of the Rings, Emile Nelligan, Neuromancer, La Nuit des Temps, Perry Rhodan, Red Mars, Unshelved, Valerian, Watchmen, Yoko Tsuno, Philip K. Dick, Taniguchi, etc.