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Industry Arts
Occupation Turban Design
Location Badukadukaville, DirkaDirkaStan, Iran
Introduction I love all things not Islamotard Muslim. I dig pork, Rambus, yellow mustard, Russian Rye bread, Single Malt and the Wiggles.
Interests Pottery, knitting, cat shaving, long walks on the beach, movies, ham, Infidel tossing, K-FED. Turn offs include, Jew Baiting, Beheadings and rice cakes.
Favorite Movies RoadHouse, Little Women
Favorite Music Flava Flav sings Pat Boone
Favorite Books How to piss off radical islam in 20 words or less.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Explain to me how Islam is the Religion of Peace? Can't do it?