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Introduction My name is Michelle Au. I'm 32 years old and I am an attending anesthesiologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Before that, I was a resident at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. I currently live in Atlanta with my husband Joe, our two sons, Cal (born July 2005) and Mack (born January 2009), and our wayward canine Cooper. A long time ago, I used to go to Hunter College High School, an institution for nerds who think they're cool. Then I went to Wellesley College, an institution for women who think they're womyn. Those were the days. The Underwear Drawer is an online journal that I started October 2000 because I felt like medical school had sapped every last drop of creative energy from my being, and that keeping an online journal (as they were called at the time) would at least be better than making some elaborate study chart about the Krebs cycle, which is something that no one ever needs to know again after the first year of med school. This site is called "The Underwear Drawer" because that's where I used to hide my journal when I was a wee mite. Sneaky, no? Unfortunately, this name also attracts a lot of porn-seeking web surfers. Hello, porn aficionados!