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Introduction Welcome to the Blue Shoe Farm. Click on my pic above to access three blogs; one on home restoration( I am using the term Home Restoration very loosely),a blog about mortality and the mental gymnastics I do to ignore it (shall we say that will not be a winning battle), the third, blueshoefarm, is a bit-o-everything. I ramble on about maintaining our old 1904 farmhouse, three'ish' acres, job, life stuff, chickens, kids, truths and untruths. My kids determine my life plan and focus, our house/property/animals determine where my money goes. Love working, a bit giddy, hate meetings, might be a bit stubborn, endlessly curious.
Interests Ghost towns, history, N. Central Oregon, late 60's cars, horses, art, manure management(!), old house restoration, straight shots of espresso
Favorite Movies This is up for negotiation. I notice I am always changing this (other than...My daughter needs me to put "Twilight" in this spot.) I am adding Blazing Saddles, (I have to be the only girl in the world who had a teenage crush on Gene Wilder) Ishtar, 1970's version of the Three Musketeers. Pride and Prejudice with Colin hooked on tv shows The Closer, In Plain Sight, Being Erica and watching Parks and Rec and Glee with the kids...
Favorite Music Ever changin' and pretty durn varied. I guess I would say the only type of music I do not respond well to is they type of jazz where several musicians get in a room and each play a different song. Also not fond of songs where the words are crass beyond belief. Unless I love them. (The music, I love the music, I am getting too deaf to hear all the fast muttered raunchy things they say nowadays...)
Favorite Books Hmmm. Pretty much whatever is in front of me, next to me, or on the floor of the living room.