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About me

Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation Energy policy analyst / technical writer and editor
Location Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Age: 53

Ethnicity: Human / Terran

Asimovian Pronouns: I / We / Gaia

Totalizing Marxist Group Identifier: Seriously Red-Pilled Ex-liberal

Born: Neptune, New Jersey

Hometown: Long Branch, New Jersey

Teenage Years Home: Glen BurnOut, er, Glen Burnie, Maryland (center of the Observable Moral Universe)

Current Residence: Miami Beach, Free State of Florida

Specific location: Short walk from the Atlantic Ocean

Previous Residence: A woke - fundamentalist, fear-and-hate filled Washington, D.C., for 20 years.

Another 8 years before that in D.C. stupid suburb of College Park, Md.

Fun Fact: After 28 years in the D.C. area, after the day I left (3/17/2021), it was like I was never there.