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Occupation SAHM
Location small town, MO, United States
Introduction I'm a SAHM of 8 wonderful kids. Currently homeschooling the older 5 using SOS and a mismash of stuff for K-2. Married to my beloved for 11 years. Depending on God to give us wisdom to raise these kids for him, steward what he's given us, and be lights to lead others to HIM.
Interests I love to knit, mostly socks, and have been doing so for 2 or 3 years now. I'm interested in sewing and gardening also, but not very good at either one of them yet. I'm also interested in midwifery and have had my last 3 kids at home. Herbs and their uses as alternatives to drugs is a fascinating subject to me as well.
Favorite Movies Dramatic comedies, Classic Romance (Pride and Prejudice!), epic adventure (LOTR). Don't care much for shoot-em-up action guy movies or depressing/evil stuff.
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian is what I mostly listen to these days (it keeps me focused on what's important), but I enjoy some classic 80s and 90 pop/rock stuff too. Just not whiney country stuff. Ick.
Favorite Books I'm loving listening to some old classics on mp3. Reading Jane Eyre and Jekyll and Hyde at the moment.

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

Out of the ones I don't know by memory, I'd pick my Chiropractor. Life is just better when I go see him. :) Also, I can call Grandma June for anyone else's.