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Location Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Introduction Im originally from near San Antonio, Texas, went to college at Colorado State University, and now Im in nursing school at NSU in Shreveport, Louisiana. Im from an area that was out in the country but gradually is getting absorbed into the city. I have too many hobbies, and am interested in more things than I have time for, so I dont sleep nearly as much as I should. I love nearly all animals. Sounds cliched, but its true, I was originally trying to get into veterinary school after all. Oh, and Im an atheist. I probably shouldn't leave that out since a fair number of posts will probably be about my experiences stemming from being an atheist in the south. So now for not so obligatory self depreciating comment: IDK that anybody will read this, but sometimes I feel like I have interesting things to say. Maybe Ill want to comeback and reread them, and maybe people will find it interesting if they do read this, who knows. If your reading this you may have to put up with some shoddy grammar, quirky ideas, and not always eloquent writing, but oh well.