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Occupation Dental Hygienist
Location British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I'm a 28-year-old with long blonde hair and blue eyes, but I'm NOT a typical blonde. I'm sarcastic, smart and funny (well, at least I think I'm funny.) I have a university degree, graduated with honours from dental hygiene school and am currently working as a Registered Dental Hygienist. I live at home with my parents who are usually cool but sometimes I want to punch them. Luckily I'll be moving out soon. My younger sister got married and had a kid before me. I'm single and have been for a while but I'm not desperate for a boyfriend. One day I'd like to be a model... or the mayor... or write a book... Someday.
Interests cuddling, dancing, sleeping, kissing, hanging out with my friends, traveling, working out, eating, blogging, volunteering, more cuddling
Favorite Movies The Wedding Singer, The The Notebook, The Little Mermaid, Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, The Italian Job, The Last Kiss, The Green Mile, The Hangover
Favorite Music 90's music! Pop/Top 40, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Alternative, Anything but Techno/House
Favorite Books I love reading... too many to mention.

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Well actually I'm more of a bikini type of girl.