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Occupation Programs Coordinator
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Introduction The Earth is an Oasis in the desert called The Universe. Whether we are here accidently or as per will of a superior energy defined by man as GOD(Geater Order of Divine). We are fortunate that it happened!!We also know now that we are nearing our planet's end whether it is because of our negligence and disrespect for Mother Earth's Rights or because of natural events in the interior of the Universe. LETS WORK TOGETHER TO PROLONG THIS STAY AT THIS OASIS WITHOUT FORGETTING THAT WE ARE AS ANIMAL AS ANIMALS CAN BE AND CARE FOR THEM ALL. Uttrakhand is a new state.Become an "early bird" and invest wisely.Some suggestions are in the blog with proposals. Students can become "individual eco volunteers" and stay free as long as they like. Ask for details for volunteer programs at The Program Center Badminton Club 14-A,Circular Road,Dehra Dun. Want to see my older blogs? Click on my complete profile and choose the blog Sustainable Tourism and then Nature Park (Sold out).
Interests Natural persuits: trekking, photography, camping, music, travelling, nature conservation and management, Playing Badminton and golf.
Favorite Movies Doctor Zhivago
Favorite Music Instrumental, 1968+ oldies
Favorite Books Not a good reader

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

WHAT IS LIFE WORTH IF YOU LIVE ONLY FOR YOURSELF? We are biological robots with various bar codes on fingers face aura DNA etc. The moment the soul leaves us we are renamed as "The Body". Religions should become obsolete now. Science has taken over to make us follow a unform civil code to help us reach the center of the Universe and meet God during our lifetime face to face.