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Introduction The Right Honourable Dr Denis MacShane MP is widely recognised as one of Parliament’s leading policy experts on European and international affairs. He worked at the Foreign Office from 1997-2005 as a Parliamentary Private Secretary and then a Minister. He was deputy to the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, and Minister for Europe until 2005. Well-known in France, Germany, Poland and Spain for his newspaper articles and appearances on television and radio, Dr MacShane is the author of several books on international politics. Dr MacShane has been the Labour MP for the steel-making town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire since 1994. Before that he worked as a BBC reporter and international trade union official. Books Denis MacShane has written or co-authored include: 1979 Using the media 1981 Solidarity - Poland's Independent Trade Union 1982 Francois Mitterrand 1984 Power! Black Workers and Unions in South Africa 1990 The Cold War and International Labour 1992 Friendly Fire 1996 The Future of the Steel Industry 2006 Edward Heath 2008 Globalising Hatred. The New Antisemitism