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Gender Female
Location Western North Carolina, United States
Introduction I'm a book artist, marketing pro, wife, and above all, a seeker and learner. I'm on an (at times uneasy) expedition to challenge the stories I've been telling myself all my life, to probe the richness of choice and possibility, to live companionably with ambiguity, and to be grateful every stumbling step of the way (ha!).
Interests Reading, making books, artists' books, indie and classic film, screwball comedies, theater, musicals, great design, innovative and efffective marketing.
Favorite Movies Bringing up Baby, Pan's Labyrinth, Bread and Chocolate, You Can Count On Me, Days of Heaven, After Life, Notorious, the Fred & Gingers, Hear My Song, Happy Texas, Midnight Cowboy, Fargo, Singin' in the Rain, Fitzcarraldo, The Lady Eve, The Story of Adele H, The Palm Beach Story, Big Night, After Hours, About a Boy, Manhattan, Choose Me, Violette, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Nobody's Fool, just about anything with Jean Arthur, or Kevin Kline, or Cary Grant, or Laura Linney, or Mark Ruffalo, or by Pedro Aldomovar...
Favorite Music Indie rock and folk, classic folk, standards, musicals, cabaret fare, The Avett Brothers, and so much more.
Favorite Books The Great Gatsby, The Hours, Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, most of P.D. James, Madame Bovary, The People's Act of Love, My Antonia, The Wings of the Dove, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Love in the Time of Cholera, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Oscar Wilde's plays, A Short History of a Small Place, Pigs in Heaven, The Bean Trees, much of Muriel Spark, Sarah Caudwell's mysteries, The House of Mirth, Wuthering Heights, Howard's End, The Once and Future King, Angle of Repose, Martha Grimes' Richard Jury mysteries, Home: A Short History of An Idea, The Brief History of the Dead, The Borrowers, Approaching Eye Level, The Remains of the Day, One Hundred Years of Solitude