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Industry Accounting
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Introduction Robyn's bio: tell you about myself? okay. i was born in a galaxy far away and long ago... (new york, 1959) enigma? conumdrum? labyrinth mind? in addition to maintaining my other blogs, compiling my short stories into a manuscript, my poetry into a chapbook (and my friends wonder why i never polish my fingernails!) writing for the paper, doing press releases and instructional manuals, my co-author and i just finished a murder mystery and are starting on a sequel. and THEN there is my day job (tax and general accounting-yes i have two sides to my brain) and THEN there is my life. which you can read about on my winged unicorn blog. if you can discern the real from the creative... btw, if you have any interesting recipes, please share!
Interests writing, bicycling, history, costume design and creation, architecture, travel, whatever my girls are into, pushing my limits

Please come up with a more appropriate name for the ringtoe:

i wear a ring on the middle toe of my left foot. my daughter gave it to me when she was 3. "mommy, hold this" but my hands were full, so i slid it onmy toe, where it has remained for 12 years now. what do i call my ringtoe in the shadows of my mind? emily's toe.