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Occupation Mommy, Wife, Teacher, chi-mommy
Introduction It's no surprise that most young girls play with baby dolls and Barbies. I have a sister four years younger than me and we played with baby dolls and Barbies all the live long day. There was something different about me as a young gal playing with these “girly” toys. You see, my Barbie didn’t have a corvette with one or two kids; she had a hot pink stretch limo full of ‘em. My sister, who has never been interested in having anything to do with kids, had the corvette. And when we played baby dolls, I had three sets of twins in their strollers going grocery shopping in the living room. My sister had a purse. So as you can tell, I’ve always wanted to become a mother. My blog is about various, sometimes controversial, topics about raising children. My husband and I have a beautiful baby boy! We plan on having many more children so feel free to join my husband and me (and my corky, extremely picky ways) as we adventure through mother/fatherhood. I will be blogging about everything: from what I did to prepare for conceiving, my delivery, to what type of diapers to use, homemade wipes and organic food, nursing, basically everything. WARNING: SOME POSTS MAY BE GRAPHIC… Well, Enjoy!
Interests I am a mommy to my son Gavin and a wife to my husband Tommy. I enjoy spending time with my family and taking care of my son. I also teach fifth grade and I love to learn.