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Occupation Credit Analyst
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction Let's skip introductions... just put a ring on it. Looking for someone to help me open pasta jar lids.
Interests My Little Man, anything outdoorsy and by that I really mean sitting on the beach with a mojito in my hand, ripping off other people's art project ideas, window shopping since I can't afford nice things, starting a garden every Spring and not producing a single vegetable, avoiding nail salons, losing money gambling (Football Season and Penny Slots), fashion blogs to see how clothes should really fit, planning vacations I can't afford, cooking, staying positive, star gazing, watching other people surf and envy them catching a wave, long and hot showers, and naps
Favorite Movies Comedy, Action, RomCom
Favorite Music Sucker for cover bands, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, drum solos, myself singing in the shower, the sound of the ice cream truck
Favorite Books I'd be embarrassed if anyone really paid attention to what was on my bookshelf