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Gender MALE
Occupation Starship Captain
Introduction 2253 -Graduates from Academy to serve as a lieutenant aboard the USS Pompey (NCC 506) Serves as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer under Chief Tactical Officer, Lt. Commander Ronald Lewis. -Lt. Commander Lewis accepts teaching position at Starfleet Academy and Maddox becomes Chief Tactical Officer. 2257 -Promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned to USS Republic (NCC 1371) as Intelligence Officer 2259 -Maddox is promoted to rank of Commander and re-assigned as Executive Officer (XO) aboard the Republic. 2260-2261 -The USS Republic, with Maddox as XO, is flagship of the fleet of vessels that escorts the transports of materials to, and protects the construction of the Memory Alpha Library Complex. 2265 -Construction of new Surya Class frigate, USS Endurance (NCC 1862) begins. 2268 -Maddox is promoted to the rank of captain and assigned command of USS Endurance ("Manifest Destiny" ep 1, "Cage of Freedom" ep 2, "Blood Lust" ep3, "The Counterpoint Catastrophe" ep 4, "That Which Paradise Ensnares" ep 5"). 2269- Second year of five year mission begins ("Time's Arrow" ep 6, "To Repel Ghosts" ep 7, "What Prize Eternal?" ep 8.)
Interests Star Trek, Writing, Role-Playing, PBEM, RPG, Starships, Space, the Final Frontier, The Original Series, The Animated Series, USS Endurance, Ernest Shackleton, USS Enterprise, USS Exeter
Favorite Movies Star Trek the Motion Picture, Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan