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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction Newlywed to an extraordinary man she met through this blog; transplant to a neighboring state (though still an East Coaster); settling into her new normal. Thankful for the gifts of life, marriage, and sacramental graces.
Interests love, fulton j. sheen, mission jamaica, books (historical, fantasy, fiction), laughter, redheads, men in suits, coffee, friends, new starts, sunshine, ireland, sweethearts, big families, of course harry potter, lazy saturdays - curling up in bed, that warm fuzzy feeling you get that tells you everything is going to be ok, heels that don't give blisters, letters, little chubbster babies and cute cousins!, rhett butlers of the world, art, peace of mind, prayer, history (american, british, irish, ancient), fashion, travel, fairy tales, adventure, reading, climbing trees, hot cups of tea, window shopping, museums, mythology, reunions, manners, assertiveness, geeks