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Location Ellensburg, WA
Introduction Not being able to govern events, I govern myself.

-- Michel de Montaigne

The ecology of terror shows us the path to peace. Peace lies in nourishing ecological and economic democracy and nurturing diversity. Democracy is not merely an electoral ritual but the power of people to shape their destiny, determine how their natural resources are owned and utilized, how their thirst is quenched, how their food is produced and distributed, and what health and education systems they have.

-- Vandana Shiva

Interests Music, Saving the planet, Loving my family and friends, Sustainability, Peak Oil, Alternative Energy, Organics, Vegetarianism, Gluten-Free Food
Favorite Movies The Corporation, What the Bleep Do We Know?, The End of Suburbia, SuperTroopers, Sense and Sensibility, Sideways, School of Rock
Favorite Music Whatever comes from that indefinable source. May I suggest you get to know <a href=">Victor Wooten</a> if you're unfamiliar with this concept.