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Occupation Student. Always, always student.
Introduction I'm a student just reaching the end point of my PhD. What will I do when it's over? I shudder to think. As part of my original course work, I'm constructing this blog. So every word I write in it, and every word you write in it, will be finely combed for intent, routinely searched for rhetoric, and dissected into pieces until all possible meaning has been extracted. But try not to be self-conscious about it.
Interests Reading various books. Playing multifarious video games. Contemplating the secrets of the universe. Jogging.
Favorite Movies Corpse Bride, Serenity, My Best Friend's Wedding
Favorite Music Barenaked Ladies
Favorite Books The Hours, House of Leaves, Daughter of Regals, Nation, Invisible Cities

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

Fame is not to be avoided. It is to be used as a blunt cudgel to incapacitate my enemies.