Liz Woodbury

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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Roustabout
Location Portland, Maine
Introduction Mark is my partner in crime. Isaac is my 22 year old insouciant son. Zoƫ is my 25 year old polyglot daughter. Gus and Clover are my winsome canine confidantes. Theo is my puckish feline colleague.
Interests Contemplation, naps, hot drinks in big mugs, watching movies, looking up, reading while reclining, walking on the beach, people named melissa, embroidery, public radio, policing errant grammar, ruling a small nation, singing instead of speaking, adults with slight lisps, evolution, dogs, certain cats, scissors, rabbits, interspecies cuteness, vegan baking, walking in the woods, people named david, thread, pens, scottish accents, aviator glasses
Favorite Movies The ones that make me cry.
Favorite Music The ones I can sing along to.
Favorite Books The ones I can read in the bathtub.

Chicken monkey shoes?

Only if it didn't hurt the chicken or the monkey.