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Occupation Writer, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Wellness Alchemist.
Location Austin, Texas
Introduction Hi, I'm Victoria. :) I'm a grounded dreamer, optimist, and lover of the world we live in... an INFP. This blog is a love letter to words, music, design, inspiration, and anything I might find to be lovely. :)
Interests Live music, Poetic words, All things french, The coast, Dry humor, Color theory, Hot tea, Skin, Elegance, Chiffon, Wildflowers, Hillsides, Passion, Exploring both new & familiar places, Art & design, Visually appealing & shimmering creations, Romanticism, Deep paradoxes, Fragrance, Vibrant cities, Expression, Galaxies, Cottages, Lavender, Dessert wine, Philosophy, The universe, Culture, Mystery, Making lists, Dogs, Candlelight, Bridges, Mountains, Chocolate, Brilliant photography, Charm, Horses, Dresses, Current events, Floral prints, Cabins, Literature, Truth, Healing, Community, Castles, Grammar, Birds, Lace, Rhythms, Esthetics, Vitality, Warmth, Timelessness, Boutiques, Wellness, Hiking, Glamour, Connections, Open fields, Road trips, Islands, Wisdom, Non-conformity, Festivals, Simplicity, Reiki, Redwood forests, People, Europe, Park benches, Inspiration, Energy, Life, Leading with my heart, Love, You.
Favorite Movies Garden State, (500) Days of Summer, Blow, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Notebook, Fight Club, Wild hearts can't be broken, Amelie, Braveheart, The Departed, In the Name of the Father, Pride and Prejudice, FernGully: The last rainforest, Cruel Intentions, Black Velvet, Dirty Dancing, Romeo + Juliet, Wedding Crashers, Good Will Hunting, Old School
Favorite Music I can't get enough, so the list goes on and on. :) Anything that moves me: brilliant lyrics, hypnotic beats, gorgeous harmonies, and medolic, atmospheric, explosive songs. I tend to lean toward downtempo, indie and acoustic rock, jazz, jam bands, and house music.
Favorite Books Not even sure where to begin here. :)