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Industry Communications or Media
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a 28 yr old PA living in south-west London with my delightfully grumpy boyfriend,the Bot. I can mostly be found scouring the rails in Primark and thrive on finding a good bargain. My biggest fashion inspiration comes from my fellow bloggers and the clothes I wear are sourced from a mix of high-street, markets, vintage and hand-made stuff. I always have ideas about what I want to do and I get carried away with these fairly quickly, but they don't always happen. I also change my mind a lot, but if I do actually commit to something I will do it, eventually; there just isn't always time to do everything 'right this minute', which frustrates me. At the moment I want to go travelling, start my own business, live in a different part of London (even though I love where I live at the moment and don't actually want to move) make more clothes, start selling my clothes,get better at knitting, get a cat and well, that's all I can think of right now. This will no doubt change. But I am determined to get better at seeing things through. I hope you enjoy reading my blog - if you have any comments e-mail me at xoxo
Interests Making things, festivals, going to markets, getting away from it all, weekend breaks, eating (I love to eat and hate the fact I can't wheat eat as it makes me ill), drinking, more eating, Saturday mornings (better than Sunday as you have 2 days left until you have to go back to work)
Favorite Movies Audrey Hepburn is my all time fave. You can't beat a Saturday morning in bed watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. Suppose I like a lot of chick flicks really but I'm open to watching anything. LOVE The life of David Gale, such a great film, ummm, old films also make me smile, the way they used to talk back then, so much more romantic.