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Introduction There are an abundance of skincare creams, serums, masks, all packaged differently and at different price points, how do you you know which one is right for you? When did it get so complicated and why can't it be an easy process to purchase some eyecream and concealer? Being prepared and knowledgable about the skincare and makeup available in department stores and drugstores is important to me - and I hope that within that short amount of time my customer has to spend, I've listened to her or him and presented the right match in skincare and makeup products alongside a positive and fun experience. Use my blog as an easy guide to see products for your skin type that are easy to grab at the mall, drugstore or if you want to do "lunch" Holts. Enjoy!
Interests Makeup, doing your makeup, skincare products, helping you choose makeup and skincare products, answering questions about skincare and makeup, reading magazines, books, blogs and websites about makeup and skincare, helping women feel and look stunning/beautiful/georgeous, doing womens makeup: on the go, in the studio, on the retail floor, at events, in your home, and backstage.