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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Minor computer and network demi-god, weirdness magnet, misogynist, misanthrope, loner, anti-hero, veteran Internet cowboy, adrenaline junkie, Pontiac aficionado, and import sport bike rider.
Location Columbia, MS, United States
Introduction Born in June, 1969, I am a Stoic and a jaded misanthrope with the mind of a scholar, the heart of a warrior, and the body of a poet. As you can see, I don't take anything in life seriously, not even myself.
Interests Way too many to list, just visit my website and prepare to spend a few days ... whether you want to or not.
Favorite Movies Star Wars ('77), Smokey and the Bandit, ALIEN, ALIENS, Terminator, T2
Favorite Music Classical, soundtracks (movie scores), ambient, trance, heavy metal, classic rock, and some country. Basically, anything but (c)Rap which really isn't music so much as it stands for "Retards Attempting Poetry" ... and failing. Epically failing. Oh, and I hate Hip Hop. Hip Hop makes me wish Disco would make a comeback. At least Disco made sense ... kind of.
Favorite Books Way too many to list. I read, a lot, which is more than most people do, and I think, a lot, which is also more than more people do.