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Occupation I'm a stay at home mommy!!!
Location North Carolina, United States
Introduction I am striving to love and honor God, He loves me so much he gave His son's life so that I might live, the least I can do is try to please him with my life. I'm married to the best best man in the world! I also have two daughters who I think are the cutest girls ever, and a little boy who is amazing. Check out my website
Interests I like Jesus, my husband, my Children, traveling, being outside and cleaning.
Favorite Movies there are so many good movies out there. Toy Story is one of my favs.
Favorite Music Christian.
Favorite Books The Bible. Is it necessary to read other books after school? I find people's blogs much more interesting

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

it's blue raspberry silly, raspberry is different than blue raspberry blue raspberry is a little sour. what i want to know is why there is a p in raspberry when you pronounce it razberry