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Introduction Lisa Britton and Alejandra “Alexa” Orozco have been friends since 2011. In the summer 2018, Lisa sent Alexa a message of frustration upon seeing a male artist, semi famous/gallery representation, doing work like she was doing ten years ago, that did not necessarily receive support. I (Lisa) sent my friend a link to his Instagram, said something along the lines of “Can you believe this? I did work like this and people told me to quit and this pretty boy gets gallery representation and praise?!” Her response was “Yes! We’re pretty girls that make cool shit so no reason why we shouldn’t make it! (That sounds like a YouTube channel: pretty girls make cool shit)” We joked about “oh yeah our blog/podcast/youtube whatever” and finally one day said “Why don’t we really do that?” While pretty is in our title, it is certainly not our main focus. We are absolutely not concerned with who is “prettiest” and we were certainly never the “pretty girls” in school. We hope this blog is fun, informative, and empowering.