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Gender Female
Location the path of life, EARTH
Introduction Me. A mix of contradictions with a pinch of this and a dash of that. A human on her path of life on Earth, here to experience all I can. I'm a eclectic mix of republican and democrat. Conservative and spiritual yet not Christian. Want peace yet own a gun. All for recycling yet use disposable diapers. Love being out in nature yet more time is spent in front of my computer... Two incredibly sweet little girls, Sunshine and Clover, call me Mama and my best friend, J, calls me honey... This is me. Creativity. Splashing in the creek. Vegetarian. Graphic design. Family. Reiki. Red rocks in the southwest. Flowers. Chaco sandals. Joy. Sunsets. Healing crystals. Time with hubby. Stories of the past. Paper arts. Hiking. Friends. Natural food stores. Mountains. Powers of the mind. Elephants. Traveling. Cute little icecream shops. Toes in the grass. Rain. Tickles for my girlies. Target shooting. Strapy shirts. Summertime. Stargazing. Uplifting music. Snowboarding. Walking main street in little towns. Respect and tolerance of other's beliefs. Naps. Contentment. Farmer's Markets. How-to and self-help books. Shopping. Goodies in the mail. Cloud watching. Pondering life's mysteries.
Favorite Books Any how-to or self-help books

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

There would just be a telepathic understanding.