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About me

Gender Female
Industry Education
Occupation Chaos Management
Location Mid-Atlantic
Introduction Ask me about my bruises. That's a real conversation. Normal introductions are attached to professional handshakes. Seems odd to do that here: psychotherapist, self-defense instructor, Krav Maga instructor, writer...whatever.
Interests people, agency & personal authority, the ocean and/or the mountains, practical personal safety, family, and a little Krav Maga here and there-oh, and I might be a writer when I grow up.
Favorite Movies First time seeing Avatar in 3D with one of my kids...and anything that makes me laugh hard enough to cry.
Favorite Books Nonfiction Authors who left a mark on my thinking: Amy Cuddy, Jill Bolte-Taylor, Jeffrey Schwartz, Malcolm Gladwell, Rory Miller. Handmaiden's Tale -Fiction that left a mark...because it's possible and the complacent expectation that "other people" are responsible for keeping evil at bay is how it could happen.