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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation DJ, audio producer and podcaster
Location plans his next show, Hawaii, United States
Introduction Newspaper boy, Navy officer, private pilot, drummer, amateur astronomer, nuclear weapons loading officer, community college instructor, FCC 1st Class License, 11 handicap golfer. Co-founder of Are We Alone? the radio show of the SETI Institute, the world's largest scientific search for evidence of life in the universe. Lousy surfer. Met Steve Allen and Johnny Carson, both of whom couldn't have cared less, although they were both gracious. Seth Shostak knows his name. Interviewed the REAL King of Rock 'n Roll, Little Richard (not that truck driver from Tupelo.) Played yo-yo with Tommy and Dick Smothers. Miss Carl Sagan. The Barefoot Billy Aloha motto: "They're gonna nail us no matter what we do; so, we might as well have a good time." - a quote from Brother Otter, in that American classic, Animal House - a painful reminder of Barefoot's college fraternity daze at UCLA. Favorite book, The Demon-Haunted World. Admirer of that great existential philosopher, Carl Spackler, ", I got that goin' for me."
Interests Astronomy, cosmology, critical thinking, Top 40 Radio, history of science, science education, flying, reading.
Favorite Movies Contact, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Animal House, Sideways.
Favorite Music World Music, American rock 'n Roll, The Sound of a Baby's Laugh.
Favorite Books "The Demon-Haunted World - Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan, "Why People Believe Weird Things" by Michael Shermer, "Dumbth" by Steve Allen, "Mathematics, " by Jon Gullberg, any decent dictionary.

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

Bad aiming.