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Introduction Welcome to the country! Drive gently. Slow down. If someone's rudely chewing your bumper, find a wide spot and pull off that one-lane road you've been on for far too many miles. Leave the hurry to others. Invite them to go around. It's all about the journey, not the destination. It's time to explore the things you've always loved and renew your joy in just being alive. That's what I'm doing. My joy is a small farm, deep in the Appalachians. Its bounty provides self-sufficiency to two "seniors." Together, my husband, MM, and I, milk a cow, and grow, tend, and preserve a big garden annually. Fruit and nut trees and berries add to the cornucopia; toss in a few egg layers, three pigs, seven cows, and four canine helpers. It adds up to a joyful, sustainable life! We eat locally--as in right here on the farm!--healthfully and seasonally. We gather firewood in the summer to burn in the winter. Each day is a beautiful new adventure. My name is Elora and I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit! I hope you'll enjoy my photos and thoughts as I take you along with me on my daily journey about the farm, just off the one-lane road.