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Introduction People always wonder how we get by with what little we have. So that's the reason for my blog, to tell how, whether it's the good, the bad, or the ugly. People think life should be like what they see on tv when in all reality it is totally opposite for many of us. I take you behind the scenes of our home to see what life is really like. Where's these shows on tv to show you how to do things more realistically for the average or below average American. We don't have tons of money to spend on landscaping designers nor do we have the money to fix all these foods with names that we can't pronounce. We are the American do it yourselfers because we can't afford to pay others to do it for us. We're always in the hole, always trying to climb to the top. The success we are able to achieve is by putting our minds and creativity to work and feeling wealthy with the knowledge and know how or the ability to learn how. We get scratched, scraped, banged up and dirty along the way because it's a lot of hard work. When you work hard to achieve something it is better appreciated. This is reality people and how the average American Joe lives.