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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer/Editor
Location Northridge, California, United States
Introduction I'm what they call in Southern California a "Valley boy", born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. But there's one difference between me and the other Valley-ites of the world: I hate sushi!! I mean, I can't stand it. It's raw fish, people. It's disgusting. I don't find it trendy, hip or delicious. I like my burgers, my hot dogs, my red meat in general. Why is this important, you ask? Because it sums up who I am. I am clueless when it comes to trends, I like random types of music, I think it's wrong to spend triple digits on tennis shoes, I don't own an iPod, and if we were ever taken over by a technologically challenged country whose dictator announced, "From now on, the only video game system you can play is the old-school Nintendo," I'd be OK.
Interests I play tennis, I read sports autobiographies and Harry Potter, I like to write, I play Monopoly, I love Texas Hold 'Em, I watch mainstream movies that are meant to entertain and not make you think, I enjoy working out, and I treasure spending time with friends
Favorite Movies Since I'm comfortable in my manliness, let me just put it out there right now: I like chick flicks. There, I said it. My favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally, and I love Hugh Grant movies even though he plays the same role in every one. But I am a man's man as well. I love the Rocky movies, the Godfather Triology rocks, and I've watched just about every single sports comedy and drama of the last 20 years.
Favorite Music I love the 80s. I love the 90s. I love today. If you listened to one of my mixed CDs, you'd hear the following artists: Jon Bon Jovi, Gavin Degraw, Billy Joel, Limpbizquit, Nellie (or is it Nelly? I don't know), Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Dave Matthews, the Rolling Stones, Metallica, and whichever group sang the theme song from "Friends"
Favorite Books Sports autobiographies and Harry Potter. My favorite book is Roots. Everything else is just random stuff that I've read over the years.